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  1. Add module
  2. Fill out the form with your camera settings . image
  3. Image + shows more buttons, off hides the module. u is short for up. vp is vertical patrol, hp is horizontal patrol.

How to add more cameras::
  1. Make a dict in ipcamera.py and name it something cameratype_model_settings. If possible reuse the keys as much as you can. Image example

foscammjeg_settings = { 'key': 'value',

   'key': 'value'


  1. In function camera_send_request. Copy image of change, add new elif == in options modules.py, change dict name to step1.

Do the same for rend_page, edit dict, set template

  1. In /template/ipcamera copy fosscamjeg.html and rename it set template in step3. Image of code html foscamjeg. Edit data-command to the template. cat is the "base" and arg is the last. Together they make a url.

Comment out what you dont need. See if you can reuse in index, if not make new.

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