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XBMC Server Settings

Upon first running Maraschino you will see the following in your browser:

First run.png

Follow the on screen instructions and click to enter your XBMC Server Settings. This is where you will tell Maraschino where your XBMC server is located. Here is an example:

Server Setup.png

I think all the values required are quite self explanatory, maybe with the exception of "Position". This is simply the order in which your server will appear in a list should you have more than one XBMC installation on your network.

If you don't know the correct information to enter you can find it by starting up XBMC and navigating to the Network Information and Webserver pages:

IP and MAC.png
Web Server.png

These are just examples for username, password and port. You should choose values you are comfortable with and enter these values into Maraschino.

Adding Modules

Once you save your server settings you can add your first module by hovering your mouse over the top left corner of the screen. Click the settings cog which appears and then click on one of the +Add Module sections:

Add Module.png

Now you are ready to start adding and configuring the modules of your choice.

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