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  1. Click +Add Module
    Add Module Button.png

  2. Select CouchPotato Manager from the Dropdown list then click "Add Module"
    CouchPotato Step2.png

  3. Input your CouchPotato API key, username, password, hostname, port, webroot (optional). Decide if you want to use HTTPS. Decide whether to use compact view or not then click "Save".
    CouchPotato Step3.png

  4. Click the settings cog.

  5. If you have entered the correct settings you should see something like this:
    CouchPotato Step4.png


Someone else with more knowledge that I should explain webroot here.


The four buttons at the top of the module are:

CP SettingsButton.png Settings Change your CouchPotato Settings. This also displays the Log, Restart and Shut Down buttons.
CP AddMovieButton.png Add Movie Search for a movie and add it to your CouchPotato wanted list. The results will show the best matches, you can then select your desired movie quality from the drop down menu.
CP ViewAllButton.png View All View all movies in your collection.
CP WantedButton.png View Wanted View all movies in your wanted list.

In the settings view another set of buttons is available:

CP LogsButton.png Logs Display your CouchPotato Logs.
CP RestartButton.png Restart Restart CouchPotato.
CP ShutDownButton.png Shut Down Shut down CouchPotato.

Clicking on a movie in your wanted list or your collection will bring up a synopsis of the movie:

CouchPotato Synopsis.png

From here you can delete the movie from your wanted list/collection, refresh it or look it up on IMDb

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